Ever since I was young, I have a love for movies that fall well under the radar.  The purpose of this site will be to discuss and review films that intrigue me.  It should be noted that I use the word “trash” very lovingly. To me, trash just means over the top, and typically low-budget. Over the top in terms of violence and gore, crazy monsters or villains, gratuitous nudity/sex and so on – not CGI, actor salaries and marketing budgets!  The features on this site will often be categorized by terms such as: Sexploitation, Horror, Giallo, and Grindhouse to name a few.   This should give the reader a good idea about what to expect from this site.

Just so things aren’t one-sided, I plan on having guest reviews as well.  For me it takes a lot for a genre flick to turn me off, or deem it to be unworthy of watching, but it does happen. I realize not everyone has the same level of appreciation for each film, but discussions should be civil and respectful.

The purpose of this site is primarily a place for me to log some of the movies I watch.  At any level I can, I also want to help the producers and distributors of these movies by discussing their work.  I will do my best to provide links for purchasing the movies reviewed here.  I fully support the filmmakers and distribution companies that make these movies and help preserve the older titles.